Rotodock pontoons for Ifremer

The French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea, IFREMER, has just acquired a new pontoon for its Sète laboratory. It will replace their old worn-out pontoon.

A pontoon for IFREMER in Sète! This research institute contributes to our understanding of the ocean, to monitoring the marine environment and to the sustainable development of maritime activities. In their day-to-day tasks, researchers conduct sea outings to perform surveys and observations. That's why they have purchased a RotoDock floating docks to moor their boats.

Anchored using callipers fitted to the piles of the former pontoon, the structure is made up of three 2.00 m x 3.00 m RotoDock sections. It is also fitted with mooring cleats and a polyethylene walkway to provide access to the platform. A transition plate also makes transporting equipment easier by helping to offset the difference in height.