How to reconnect with swimming in an urban or natural environment

The creation of a safe floating pool in an urban or natural environment, using the water of the body of water in which it is installed, without treatment, is an excellent alternative to a swimming pool. Entirely modular, this type of facility is designed to be set up for the summer period and winterised afterwards. Our floating pools include :

  • 1 or more bathing basins secured by a bottom and vertical panels with perforated edges
  • The basins are available in 3 depths: a paddling pool at 40cm for the little ones, a relaxation pool at 1.20m for teenagers, and a swimming pool at 2.00m for those who love laps

Connected to the quay, bank or beach by one or more fixed or floating gangways, our floating pools are anchored by mooring arms or chains on dead-weights.

We offer natural floating pools in two finishes:

  • the basic version: the floating cubes are visible and the aluminium railings are fitted with mesh panels
  • the "Paris" version: no longer visible, the cubes are clad with wood-look decking and the railings with polycarbonate panels